Shenoy Lab of Barrier Immunobiology

Welcome To SLOBI 

Effective tissue immunity requires effective clearance of noxious agents coupled with timely resolution of inflammation to allow tissue repair and regeneration, ability to remember the initial transgressor, and then prompt, apt responsiveness to subsequent re-encounter. All these processes need finely regulated, intimate crosstalk between the barrier epithelial cells and the noxious stimuli (microbes, allergens, cancer cells), innate immune cells (like macrophages, neutrophils, etc.), and adaptive immune cells (like T cells).           

The Shenoy Lab of Barrier Immunobiology is interested in understanding the extent of- and mechanisms underlying-  how this intercellular crosstalk to- and from- epithelial cells remodels barrier immunity to optimize immune resistance (noxious stimuli clearance) while ensuring/impeding tissue resilience (conserved function) during health and disease.